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Optimal health and well-being are achieved through sensible, wholesome nutrition.  Your eating style affects your genetic, cellular and functional capabilities.  Without dieting, shifts in your diet can stimulate weight control while reducing disease risk and your need for medications. Decades of success stories and scientific reasoning support our principles of what, when and how much to eat. We partner with you to design your personalized eating plan, targeting your priorities and medical concerns. It is paced to fit your abilities and changes as you do.  Our objective is to use food, nutrition and physiological transformation to support inherent change.


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To maximize your health, longevity and weight control potentials, activity is crucial.  How it's done determines its impact. Transformation of metabolism, body composition and physiology are essential for lasting changes.  Together, we design a comfortable, practical fitness program that starts where you're comfortably capable and advances os you're ready to elevate your results.  Vitality, disease prevention, fitness, weight management, quality of life and self esteem are all bolstered. 


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Diets don't work. Behavioral transformations do.  We help you cultivate the new mindsets, skill sets, choices and health based habits that are essential for long term success.  Learning the merits and practice of mindfulness helps you discern emotional from physical hunger and fullness. Self understanding, self compassion, self trust, self confidence and positive self perceptions are traits you'll adopt along the way, liberating you from the struggles that once ruled your world.  The approach that we personalize for you becomes who you are.  Set for life.


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"Self Care" is not "selfish".  Lifestyle factors should be shaped to support your goals.  This entails incorporating "self-care" principles into your daily routines to assure greater success with enhanced health, weight, fitness and longevity.  It is incumbent upon you to be discerning and deliberate in how your lifestyle is fashioned: how you use your time, energy, attention, finances and with whom you spend your time. We help you rework your lifestyle to create the positive changes you crave.