AN INSIGHTFUL APPROACH.  Heightened awareness, understanding and behavioral modification is the true key to bringing about lasting, meaningful change.

We start with a comprehensive analysis of your past and present factors affecting your health, goals and motivations for change. We then educate you about how certain changes in your choices and behaviors will provide lasting improvements.  We partner with you to design a custom-tailored program that treats your most important personal and medical concerns. In a methodical, sensible, enjoyable approach, we manifest true change over a series of appointments. We don't stop until we get you where you want and need to be.  We won't let you give up either.

As you feel better and experience improvements, we (along with your physicians) may suggest repeating original testing to assure favorable physiological and biological changes are occurring.  Test results guide us toward needed adjustments in your diet, exercise, lifestyle, supplement and medication regimes.  We work as a team with you and your medical specialists to assure lasting health enhancement. 


First consult:  1.5 hours

We want to understand you as thoroughly as possible so we can make the most effective suggestions in creating your personalized program.  We look at making the easiest changes first and tackle tougher changes later when you can manage them easier.  We address your concerns in a sensible, stepwise fashion.

(We review as many of the following concepts as possible at our First Consult.)

  • Source of referral and medical team
  • Assessment of motivations for change, self-concept, body image, struggles and successes with food, weight, exercise, medical conditions, symptoms, awareness of hunger, fullness, appetite, muscle use
  • Eating, exercise and lifestyle habits (past and present; home, social, work, travel)
  • Laboratory and test results (past and present; data provided by your medical team)
  • Medical/health history (possible genetic propensities)
  • Medications, supplements and possible interactions
  • Physical limitations; food allergies or sensitivities
  • Sleep pattern, stress
  • Body composition analysis, if desired (muscle, fat, bone, water, weight, bmi)

You will leave our first session with some or all of the following: the start of your customized meal and exercise plans, details personalized for success, behavioral goals, educational materials, an interpretation of your laboratory/test results, adjustment in supplements.  We also provide a form for tracking your eating, hunger, fullness, exercise, symptoms, emotions, notes of accomplishment, questions and concerns.

follow up consults:  30, 45 or 60 MINUTES

Follow up sessions help secure your transformation and success.  We carefully review and reinforce progress. Adjustments are made to prompt further improvements.  At your own pace, habits begin shifting in a new direction ensuring long term change.  New M.D. lab testing is reviewed.

Technology CONSULTS

Email is the perfect way to address spontaneous questions or planned sessions when we cannot meet in person.  Skype or iChat are additional features we offer.


Our patients love this option because they don't like missing a session.  Receive the same support and guidance of an in-office visit without leaving your home, car, office, or far away destination.